I tend to wander fairly aimlessly between genres. Currently I’m really enjoying YA, children’s books, horror, fantasy and sci fi, but I suffer from extreme book grabbiness. I want to read them all! Well, except for those that trigger my romantiphobia.

While my never ending TBR pile runs the gamut, a good portion of the books I read include at least one of the following:

  • Mental health, sexual assault, domestic violence, eating disorders, LGBTQIA, self harm, suicide, bullying, addiction
  • Outcast, loner, misfit, quirky characters 
  • Young girl detectives, the smart girl main character
  • Supernatural, ghosts, witches, magic
  • Unicorns, dragons
  • Pirates
  • Mythology
  • B-grade genetically engineered gigantic animals hunting humans
  • Stories set in schools, boarding schools, asylums, anything haunted
  • Time travel, parallel universes and anything you could consider fringe science
  • Non-fiction, including psychology, science, self-help, memoirs, true crime, philosophy 



You can find pretty much find anything else you will ever want to know about me in my reviews (probably even more). Stories are my life. When I’m not reading them, I’m watching them.

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