Tyrannosaurus Ralph – Nate Evans

Illustrations – Vince Evans

Can an ordinary kid become a heroic dinosaur?

After being taunted by a bully and getting flattened by a dinosaur, Ralph wakes up in a secret lab under a garage … as a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Professor Overdrive tell Ralph that his brain was put into the body of the T-rex and shows Ralph a message from King Clobberus Crunch who is demanding earth send their designated champion to fight in his gladiator style arena or else the planet will be destroyed. Professor Overdrive then drops the bombshell that Ralph is going to be earth’s champion!

Fights to the death with champion fighters from rival planets remind Ralph of when he and his friend Dave play video games fighting fantasy monsters, only this time it’s real. Thud! Crunch! Smash! Kaboom!

With a cast including aliens, a T-rex, a hunchback, a Professor and heroic kids (male and female), delicacies like pizza and blood grub pies on the menu, atom smashing wedgies, flaming farts, time travel, the threat of barf, and intergalactic gladiator fights, kids are going to have heaps of fun reading this graphic novel.

Along for the ride with Ralph and Professor Overdrive, we meet Lugnut, the Professor’s hunchback assistant, Joona, a girl alien who may be friend material, along with a host of cute, gruesome, scared and mean aliens all battling it out to save their respective planets from annihilation at the hands of evil Clobberus Crunch and his ugly minions.

Seasoned and reluctant readers alike will be drawn in by the non-stop action, the humour and the interesting facts about gladiators at the end of the story. The illustrations are brilliant – bright, full of humour and action themselves, and with the best expressions you’ll probably ever see on a dinosaur.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the opportunity to read this graphic novel.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Tyrannosaurus Ralph is the story of fourth-grader Ralph, whose brain is uploaded to a T-Rex body by mad scientist and then is expected to battle in an alien arena to save Earth.

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