The Evil Trance – Mark Dysan

If you are not convinced of the absolute necessity of hiring a stellar editor and proofreader for your manuscript prior to unleashing your book baby into the world, I’d encourage you to read The Evil Trance. I don’t know if it was poorly translated into English or if it was written in English by someone who predominantly speaks a language other than English, but in its current form it should not have made it to publication yet.

Missing words, incorrect use of words, the correct word but incorrect spelling and sentences that only make sense once you figure out the intended meaning make up a considerable percentage of this novella. I usually don’t mention these pet peeves in my reviews because I’m often reading advance copies that will likely have most of the typos cleaned up prior to publication. However, this book was released in July 2017 so the pre-publication editing ship has sailed.

The book had potential, in a Koji Suzuki Ring series rip off sort of way where the videotape is a DVD and USB, where the well doesn’t exist but a graveyard does, and where Well Girl is actually a succubus (Yakshini) hanging out in an ‘adult’ film. Watch this porno and your fate could be explained like this:

“Apparently he masturbated himself to death.”

I wanted to really enjoy this quick read, which turned out to be painfully slow for me. While it’s listed as horror I found it really funny for the first half as I was getting used to the way the sentences were worded. I then felt guilty for finding it funny before comparing it to what would be the inevitable result of me learning a second language and then trying to write a book in, say, Japanese. I expect my sentences would be pretty hilarious as well. The second half of the book dragged on for so long as the novelty wore off and I thought about what I could have been reading instead.

The Inspector in this book is quite happy to threaten to arrest people based on, um, the law?

“Delete it or I will have to arrest you for violating my private space.”

“I could arrest you for demeaning a couple’s privacy.”

Favourite Euphemisms and Sexy Chats

his vital organ was being abused

“He asked me to take time and let him know if I needed any help, in case I needed to get off with a woman, sometimes.”

“My sensuality wished I could do her too.”

“Maybe with a few drinks, and if I had a woman like this the day would come to a blasting end, but before that, a little self-foreplay won’t do any harm.”

Sort of Almost Close to Being Correct

Mitra was in the middle of folding his shirt’s handcuffs

he was about to knock the door.

Inspector Feroz and Shukla exchanged their confusion at what the doctors were up to, it was Italian to their profession.

It did smoothen him.

Wiping the tears, he said, “Why are you crying?” She smiled through her tears. “These are not tears, dumbo!”

“I am making tea just so you kick in your brain again”

It pulled her strings of heart.

There are the times where jokes are made by people who are trying to get across that they are not gay. With a renowned psychiatrist, his assistant, a private detective and Inspector as characters I would’ve expected things to be more politically correct. However the women in the book call themselves stupid more than I’d like and who seem to be there mostly to cook for the hungry men, be available for sex and astral walk (okay, that one’s pretty cool). Women are also put in their place:

“You could have had better jobs, modelling or being a film actress. Or you could have been a rich man’s wife!”

It’s a rare day when I give a book ⭐️. However, given that I don’t think it’s even ready for publication yet I couldn’t rate this any higher. This book needs to make its way into the hands of a publishing team who can make it more readable for an English as a first language audience, make the transitions between scenes less jumpy and give the characters more depth.

“There are so many things going on my mind right now”

like why they didn’t just call Ghostbusters to deal with everything.

Content warnings include a suicide attempt.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read this book.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

A seemingly innocuous adult film grabs the attention of a young lad. But the store owner, who also finds himself drawn to it, pays the price for it, with his life.

Enter Dr Mitra, a man of science. He finds his very basic grounding in science threatened, as uncanny events around him propel him to question what he has learned and held onto so far.

Gopi, his junior, and Shukla, a private detective, hop onto the scene even as Feroz, an inspector, is busy chasing the many suspicious events from the purview of the law. Murky waters must be charted to understand the myriad ramifications of what they have stumbled upon.

And this is no mean adventure. It is, but an Evil Trance.

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