Dory Fantasmagory – Abby Hanlon

I wanted to love this book and feel like I should’ve, with the main character a young girl with an imagination bigger than she is. She annoyed me so much though! I liked her imaginary monsters but I’m siding with her older siblings here.


I did like the illustrations, especially of the monsters. The product placement of the Nuggyo’s and Gobble Crackers were clever as they showed where the kids got the names for evil Mrs Gobble Gracker and Mr Nuggy, Rascal’s fairy godmother.

Perhaps it would’ve helped if I wasn’t an only child but the desperate need for Rascal to hang out with her older siblings bugged me. She’s got so much of an imagination she doesn’t even need anyone else in the room to entertain herself. I got the feeling she did most of her irritating behaviour simply because she knew it would drive everyone nuts.

Also, if I had a six year old daughter I would be asking some pretty big questions if she pretended to be a dog in a doctor’s office then proceeded to stab the nice doctor with a lollypop stick and who chucks tantrums like Rascal does. Maybe things are different these days but I knew how to behave well before I was six.

May I put this kid in time out until she wakes up to herself please? I guess this book is just another example of why I should never become a parent.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

As the youngest in her family, Dory really wants attention, and more than anything she wants her brother and sister to play with her. But she’s too much of a baby for them, so she’s left to her own devices – including her wild imagination and untiring energy. Her siblings may roll their eyes at her childish games, but Dory has lots of things to do: outsmarting the monsters all over the house, escaping from prison (A.K.A. time-out), and exacting revenge on her sister’s favorite doll. And when they really need her, daring Dory will prove her bravery, and finally get exactly what she has been looking for.

With plenty of pictures bursting with charm and character, this hilarious book about an irresistible rascal is the new must-read for the chapter book set.

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