The Baby-Sitters Club #11: Kristy and the Snobs – Ann M. Martin

Kristy, in her third BSC book, is here to break my heart. Although, to be fair, I should be blaming Ann M. Martin for ruining my illusion that my childhood dog would live forever.

We babysit Jackie, Archie and Shea Rodowsky, Linnie, Hannie and Sadi Papadakis (with Myrtle the turtle and Noodle the poodle), Myriah and Gabbie Perkins, and Amanda and Max Delaney (snobs: kid edition).

Dawn babysits her younger brother, Jeff, who is having problems, one of which may be the fact that their mother is still dating a man named Trip.

Claudia babysits the Pike kids with some help from Mallory, five of whom have chicken pox. Nicky and Vanessa get bent out of shape over the Bizzer sign. They also have cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, which sounds like a somewhat disturbing combination.

Stacey gets Amanda and Max Delaney to clean up their room in a very non Mary Poppins way.

Claudia fails a spelling test. No surprises there.

Tigger has worms. Poor Tigger.

Stacey has an upcoming doctor’s appointment.

“Boy, what a lousy, stinky, rotten day”

Stacey references The Taming of the Shrew. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney was also mentioned when I was pretending I wasn’t ugly crying about a fictional dog.

Kristy has to miss a BSC meeting but I can’t even poke fun at her about it because it was about Louie.

Karen talks about Morbidda Destiny and Ben Brewer.

Andrew is a football.

Shannon goes from being one of the neighbourhood snobs to the BSC’s second associate member.

This book gets sadder every time I read it.

Stoneybrook Central Time: Kristy, her mother and brothers moved in to Watson’s mansion several months ago. Dawn’s brother, Jeff, is now ten years old.

Up next: Claudia makes a new friend, which seems to morph the Baby-Sitters Club into the Baby-Sitters Cult.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Kristy’s mum got married again last summer and now Kristy and her family in a new neighbourhood. The kids aren’t very friendly. In fact, they’re… well, snobs. They criticise Kristy’s clothes. They make fun of the Baby-sitters Club. And worst of all, they laugh at Louie, Kristy’s pet collie, who’s going blind. Nobody does that and gets away with it!

Kristy’s fighting mad – and she’s not going to put up with it much longer. If anybody can beat a Snob Attack, it’s the Baby-sitters Club. And that’s just what they’re going to do.

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