Churn the Soil – Steve Stred

‘Twas the month before Christmas, when Saska’s blood spilled

The cops were called in to see how she was killed;

The Border was safe from evil unspoken,

Now they’re all fucked ’cause the pact has been broken.

One hundred feet of clearing is all that separates The Border from the woods. The residents of the settlement know not to cross the boundary after dark.

Graham Brown spent part of his childhood living in the settlement. Now he’s a Basco police officer. He and Reynolds, his partner, are investigating Saska’s death. They probably should have called in sick.

Those woods. They looked so ominous, as though once you entered you never came back.

I love horror that knocks us off the top of the food chain. I especially love horror when you’re not even really sure for the longest time what it is that’s going to cause your insides to become your outsides.

It’s cold, so very cold, and the snow is currently undergoing a reddening. You really should stay out of the woods if you want to be breathing this time tomorrow. Although … if you play it safe you won’t get to meet Bruiser, the best cop ever.

Under an icy snowfall…

Under a clear, blue moon…

Get your eviscerations here!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Two hundred miles north of the town of Basco sits The Border. It’s a quiet, off-the-grid settlement, where the residents have developed a tentative agreement with those that live on the other side of the clearing.

But things are about to change forever. 

As night falls, a teenage girl is brutally murdered as she flees across the clearing. Now, it’s up to Basco PD officers Brown and Reynolds to find her killer. 

But the truth is far worse than they could possibly imagine, and the more the officers uncover, the bolder the things beyond the clearing grow. 

‘Under an icy snowfall…’
‘Under a clear, blue moon…’

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