Brutal Body – Michael Clark

Including fun experiments like finding out if you’re a super taster and a recipe for making your very own edible snot (including green food colouring and sprinkles!), Brutal Body is an interesting way to learn how smart and kinda gross your body is.

Young readers will learn about dinner conversation topics that include:

  • How the body makes pus
  • The ingredients things that combine to make mucus and why it turns green when you’re sick
  • The five different flavours your taste receptors can detect
  • The purpose of saliva
  • How your digestive system works
  • Why farts are smelly
  • How your brain’s assumptions can trip you up when you look at optical illusions.

Then, if you haven’t learned enough cool and disgusting facts about your body, you’ll also be introduced to two strange doctors:

  • Andreas Vesalius, who wrote a detailed book about the human body, including illustrations he drew after cutting up dead bodies from the local prison to find out what was inside them 🔪
  • Edward Jenner, who experimented on a young boy by injecting him with pus from a cowpox infected cow to prove his theory about smallpox. Eww! 😷

I really liked the varied layouts and the great use of colour in this book. The illustrations are really good and the photos are suitably gross (think oral thrush 👅). There’s enough information that could be used for a unique school project and it’s gross enough to maintain the interest of those who think learning about the human body is boring. I would’ve loved this as a kid! I even learned some new facts today that will no doubt come out of my mouth at invariably inappropriate times in the future, possibly while eating dinner. 😬

If you have a weak stomach you may want to steer clear of the specific copy of the book that I read. I was the first one to borrow it from my library so I’m assuming it has something to do with some chemical used in the paper rather than a former borrower, but it has a very distinct vomit smell. 🤢 While it certainly added to the ambience of the reading experience it’s not exactly the type of book you want accompanied by Smell-O-Page! 🤮

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

The human body is unique, to say the least. With the help of this stimulating book, readers will learn about the fascinating ways their bodies operate, from the way their brain processes things, to the reason there is snot in their nose. Fun and relevant experiments will engage even those readers who aren’t typically scientifically inclined. Creative language and colorful images will appeal to readers of many levels, while exciting activities will reinforce their understanding of important scientific concepts.