Boyfriend Chronicles #3: Boomerang Boyfriend – Chris Cannon

Horror story of the month in only one sentence … I voluntarily read a romance novel. Would someone please alert a paramedic?

Delia: I have no idea what’s going on with Aiden. Never again will I kiss a boy first. Now he’s being all weird and mysterious. I think I need to move on and find a new boy. Not that I need a male in my life to make it complete or anything. Maybe if I paint some more it’ll help. Ugh! There’s Zoe’s brother, Jack. Why is he always such a jerk?

Jack: Ever since Dad and Grandpa died in the accident I’ve been the only male in the house. Sure, I go to Trevor’s place a lot. Rocky is a great dog and he likes it when I sneak him bits of pepperoni off my pizza, even though Trevor’s mother said not to. I like being at Trevor’s place but it can’t make up for Dad and Grandpa being gone. Sometimes I feel so alone. It doesn’t help that my younger sister Zoe and Delia, her annoying best friend, are always giggling in the kitchen at home. Doesn’t Delia have a home to go to?

Delia: I really should get a job. Mum and Dad don’t have any money to spare and it’s not fair to expect them to pay for my art supplies. It’s interesting that Mum and Dad have always had money troubles and because a few things broke recently they’re sort of having to budget to afford decent groceries yet I have my own truck. Hmm … Anyway … Guess what, Zoe? I just got a job as the new Pie Princess at Betty’s Burgers. Isn’t that so exciting? That’s where Jack the Jerk works. Let’s not tell him I got the job and surprise him. That’ll be fun.

Jack: What? First she takes over my home and now I can’t escape her at work either?

Delia: Ah, art class. Nothing beats it. What do you mean another class is joining ours because their teacher went on maternity leave early?!

Jack: What? Now I can’t escape her during art class either?

Delia: I don’t want to have to draw Jack’s portrait. Hey! When did Jack get so cute?! No, wait. I can’t think about him like that. He’s like an older brother.

Jack: And now I have to draw her too … Hey! When did Delia become pretty?! No, wait. I can’t think about her like that. She’s like a little sister.

Delia: I’m so confused.

Jack: I’m so confused.

I’m so confused. I’m way outside of my comfort zone here. I’m more of a horror girl and usually avoid romances like they’re diseased. I’m much more comfy reading about people getting chopped to bits than getting kissed. That’s why I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I quite enjoyed this book. It would make a good holiday read, incorporating Thanksgiving and the lead up to Christmas. My main pet peeve, but this seems to be a fairly universal romance novel annoyance, is people trying to keep their relationship a secret and forgetting how to communicate.

Boomerang Boyfriend contains plenty of sweet and lovely bits. There’s plenty of introspection and just enough tragedy and heartache in everyone’s life (think death, grief and addiction) that ensures the romance isn’t all consuming, until near the end when I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room.

I loved that Delia stumbled upon some of her quirkiness out of necessity but then made it her own when she discovered a passion, and I enjoyed her snarky side. But girl, seriously? You don’t need to ask a boy’s permission to go out with a friend on a Friday night. Grr! And playing little word games like you don’t understand what he’s saying so he’ll kiss you? I may have just vomited in my mouth a little. Oh, and I’m so mad at her for ditching her friend date with Aiden when she knew how important it was to him after she’d already promised him she’d go.

OK, so maybe I’m more cranky with Delia than loving her but at least Chris Cannon made me care about her protagonists before I wanted to hit them over the head for annoying me. And Jack, jealous much? You and Delia only kissed for the first time, what, maybe four days ago and you’ve got your cranky pants on over her sitting with a boy at lunch she’s sat with for, let me think, the entire book? Not cool, Jack the Jerk.

I was really liking both Delia and Jack, even when they first started kissing. Then they started questioning their relationship and their stupid started showing. Is there something in ‘How to Write a Romance’ that says your protagonists’ brain cells must fall out of their ears each time they kiss? Moving on!

I adored Zoe and Jack’s grandma and wanted to hang out with her. I wanted to pull up a chair in the kitchen and chat with Zoe while she baked, and of course be her quality control test dummy for all of the yummies that came out of the oven. I definitely wanted to go to Betty’s Burgers for dinner, or maybe just dessert. Plus there are two adorable dogs in the story, Rocky and Buddy, who steal the limelight with their innate cuteness.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’m actually interested in reading more of Chris Cannon’s Boyfriend Chronicles series. I just hope for my Kindle’s sake that the main characters don’t halve their IQ’s once their relationship commences. Seriously, has anyone got a thermometer? Oh, yay! She also writes paranormal novels!

Thank you very much to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC’s Teen Crush imprint, for the opportunity to read this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Working with her best friend’s brother at Betty’s Burgers, free-spirited Delia starts to see Jack in a new light. Not only has Jack-the-Jerk turned into a hottie, he’s even acting like a nice guy, who rescues dogs and knows how she likes her coffee. But if Jack is into her, then why is he keeping her a secret? Of course, if her best friend doesn’t approve, Delia could lose the only family she’s ever known.

Seeing Delia in her retro waitress uniform throws Jack’s world out of whack. She’s always been just another pain in the butt little sister … not a datable female. But she’s rockin’ the Pie Princess tiara, and even her hot-pink striped hair is sexy. What’s that about? He needs to get his head on straight, because artsy, funky Delia and her nonconformist ways don’t fit in his safe and ordered world.

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