Inside Out Sharks – David George Gordon

I’m really enjoying the bite sized chunks (sorry!) of information in this Inside Out series. This book provides interesting facts about sharks’ skeletal system, cardiopulmonary system, reproductive system, digestive system, liver, sensory/nervous system, muscular system, and dermal system.

Did you know that the disks in a shark’s vertebrae have growth rings? You can tell the age of a shark by counting the rings, just like you can with trees.

“Female blue sharks can have litters as large as 135 pups!”

Some of the more interesting items found in the stomachs of captured sharks include a cuckoo clock and a suit of armour.

Ever since Jaws taught me to be afraid to go back into the water I’ve been fascinated by sharks, especially Great Whites. Hey, did you know Great Whites can live 70 or more years? When I first saw Jaws he was the most terrifying thing I could imagine. After watching my mate Bruce rip people to pieces I was convinced he had the power to come out of the shower head in pieces and magically reform before my eyes before he ate me while I showered. I was under 7 at the time and had a marvellously detailed imagination.

Like the Egyptian Mummy book I’ve already read in this series I loved the layout of the pages, with a nice balance of text, illustrations and photos. I also personally appreciated the pronunciation help with more difficult words such as “elasmobranchs (i-LAZ-muh-branks)”, the group of fish sharks belong to.

While my journey through this book wasn’t in 3-D as I received a digital copy, I can imagine how much fun a kid in my life would have learning about sharks while playing with the interactive die-cut model, if they managed to pry it out of my hands first. I would have loved using this as a resource for a school project or reading it for my own enjoyment. While aimed at kids aged 8 and above, adults will also enjoy learning more about these awesome creatures.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – becker&mayer! kids for the opportunity to read this book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Journey inside a shark and live to tell the tale! With Inside Out: Shark, you’ll take a three-dimensional tour through a different sharks to learn about the unique bodies of these eating machines! 

Sharks are some of nature’s largest and most ancient creatures on the planet. This is your chance to learn how they move, how they work, and tons of facts about how they live. Inside Out Sharks brings you all of this information and a whole lot more!

Why are shark eggs called “mermaid purses”? What in the world are “skin-teeth”? Do sharks deserve the nickname “man-eater”? Find the answers to these questions and more in this action-packed book, which dives deep under the surface to explore the world of these astounding animals.

From the eerie goblin shark to the wide-eyed hammerhead to the most feared shark of them all, the great white, see the world from a shark’s-eye-view – and get an in-depth look at these most mysterious and misunderstood predators. 

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