Ruby Wishfingers #5: Funny Money – Deborah Kelly

Illustrations – Leigh Hedstrom

This is my second favourite Ruby Wishfingers book. I loved the originality of the first one and then enjoyed 2 to 4 but they didn’t seem to have the charm of the first. In book 5 it felt like I was rediscovering the whimsy of the first.

Ruby wants to go to a concert with Todd but neither of them have enough money saved. She plans on doing some household chores with Todd to earn the rest of the money they need. Suddenly Ruby begins to find shiny new coins wherever she goes. She knows it’s not her magic making them appear and it’s not Jellybean’s magic either. So where are the coins coming from?

Throughout the series I’ve enjoyed watching Ruby’s father flat out denying the existence of magic, even though it’s been a big part of his family’s life for generations. I appreciated the humourous results of his disbelief in this book. As good ol’ Ruby helps to save the day in each book I keep wondering what she’d wish for if she wasn’t so busy using up all of her wishes to help everyone else.

Once again Leigh Hedstrom’s illustrations are perfect for this series. I particularly liked the contemptuous look on cranky cat Jupiter’s face in his illustration.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

It must be Ruby’s lucky day! She keeps finding coins everywhere. But there is something funny about this money. Why is it so bright, shiny and new looking? And where on earth is it coming from?

When Ruby’s new wishes appear much earlier than expected, she wonders if someone else in the Wishfingers’ household might be developing magical powers of their own. But who?

You can bet your bottom dollar this will be a magical adventure to remember.

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