There’s a Monster in My Fridge – Caryl Hart

Illustrations – Deborah Allright

This is such a fun and quirky book! Not only is there a monster in the fridge but there are all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures to find, including a vampire who’s wearing underwear with bats on it! There are split pages so you’re asked what’s behind the door or under the sheets or in the bath as you make your way through this spooky house and on the other side of the split page, all is revealed.

At the beginning of the book a hairy hand holding a sign for a party pops out of a top hat which is walking on skinny legs. You follow the top hat creature through the book until the surprise ending behind the secret door.

The illustrations are everything in There’s a Monster in My Fridge, with so much wonderful use of colour and so many things to look at. Each page is full of detail and practically everything has a face, from the cutlery to the hairbrush.

While I loved all of the illustrations there were certain elements that tickled my fancy, like the dancing toast, the green monster riding an electric beater with a colander on its head (safety first!) and the witch on roller skates. I need to read this again!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

There are monsters hiding everywhere, with pointy teeth and tangly hair! Can you find them? Dare you look, between the pages of this book? 

Monsters, monsters, everywhere – but not as scary as you think! Every room in this house has a monster hiding behind a fun split page. But are you brave enough to peek behind – and are you ready for what you find? Each turn of the page in this book is filled with delightfully charming monsters who just happen to be doing super silly things.

Who knew that monsters crave raspberry jelly? Or that witches love glitter glue? There are lots of funny, giggle-worthy revelations for children, including one at the very end that puts them right in the middle of the action. 

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