Upside-Down Magic #3: Showing Off – Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle & Emily Jenkins

Spoilers Ahead!

It’s now six weeks into the school year at Dunwiddle and almost time for the school’s annual talent show, the Show Off, where each class prepares an act to show off their talents.

Nory desperately wants her Upside-Down Magic class to win, even more so because her brother, sister and father are going to be attending the show. This will be the first time she’s seen them since her father sent her to live with her Aunt Margo. I absolutely detest Nory’s father because of his inability to be proud of her.

In this book we also get to know Pepper better. Her fiercing magic scares animals and she feels like it’s a curse. She’s afraid of scaring all of the animals in the show. Through Pepper we are introduced to my favourite character in this book, Carrot the rabbit, who has a personality a lot bigger than she is.

This series is simply adorable. I can’t help cheering on an underdog and Nory’s class is chock full of them. I love watching them learn to use their unusual magic and celebrate their differences. Their teacher, Ms. Starr, is my favourite character in the series so far and she really shines in this book during her one on one tutoring sessions with Pepper.

After two books of wondering, I finally learned what Ms. Starr’s Upside-Down Magic is in this book and it’s such a great magic to have. She’s an Upside-Down Fuzzy who enables animals to speak.

I would have adored this series as a kid and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Some people in school are afraid of the kids in the Upside-Down Magic class. Others just call them Flops. But Nory and her friends in Upside-Down Magic won’t let that stop them. Not with a school-wide talent show coming up! 

Except… Nory’s afraid her fluxing magic will go wonky and upset her father. Pepper is worried that her abilities as a Fierce will make all the animals in the show run wild. Bax has some extreme new magic skills, but they can also be extremely embarrassing. And Elliott suspects there’s a Sparkie spy who’s looking to uncover UDM’s talent-show secrets, and to use those secrets against them. 

In order to take the stage and make some magic, the Upside-Down Magic kids are going to have to band together… and find the right combination of talents to steal the show!

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