Shattering Glass – Heather Graham (editor)

I have this Seanan McGuire problem; she’s my favourite author, so of course I need to read everything she’s ever written. This is both a blessing (she’s so prolific!) and curse (she’s so prolific!).

So many of her short stories make their way into anthologies, so I wind up committing to read anthology after anthology when all I wanted to do was read some Seanan. Oftentimes I find the majority of the other stories in these anthologies disappointing. Thankfully this wasn’t the case here.

This anthology, with a theme of female empowerment, contains both fiction and non-fiction. While there were a few contributions where I felt like I could almost hear the author thinking, ‘Okay, so I know the point I want to make but how do I get from here to there?’, overall I was surprised by how much I found to love. The contributions that either resonated with me the most or that I absolutely loved are marked with 💜.

On the Power of “Nasty Women” by Valerie Plame

Am I a “nasty woman”? Damn right I am, and proud of it. That means my voice and my actions are being heard, causing change, and displacing those who are so determined to try to push us back to a time when we had no power, no place, no voice.

The New Girl by Alexandra Sokoloff 💜

“Why doesn’t somebody do something about them?”

Welcome to the Sisterhood by Ellen Kirschman 💜

“Edwin is a legacy,” he said. “Take what you need from him, leave the rest behind and move on.”

Birthright by James L’Etoile

Entitlement and privilege seemed to form a protective shield around the gathering of older white men.

Conversation with Cara Black and Hallie Ephron by Cara Black and Hallie Ephron

There was a story I wanted to tell, was passionate about – women and what they do to survive and what comes back to haunt them.

Thoughts and Prayers by Joe Clifford

That was also part of the problem – a preventable tragedy.

Lifetime Appointment by Josh Stallings

America was lost one degree at a time.

Look at the Water, How it Sparkles by Seanan McGuire 💜

“If I told you that you could make everything good for this family forever, if you’d just agree to take a little walk one day, what would you say?”

Interview with Anne Lamott by Jacqueline Winspear

I want people to know that we are all pretty much the same inside. We all know from loneliness and despair and the fear that we are frauds, and when I share my details of those very human experiences, it gives people a lift, that they are not uniquely screwed up and doomed.

Down, Girl by Rachel Howzell Hall

“You can stay with me if you’d like.”

A Little Off the Top by Angel Luis Colón

It was a strange game of chess but nobody else knew the rules.

Living Alone by Eric Beetner 💜

“I can handle myself.”

Signs by Jess Lourey 💜

Whenever things get really bad in my life – really bad – I receive a sign that lets me know I’m not alone.

The Elephant in the Room by Wendy Corsi Staub 💜

“No tengas miedo. Estará bien.”

Don’t be afraid. It’ll be okay …

A Test for Juniper Green by Danny Gardner

“I said, I’ll take care of it.”

No Body by Clea Simon

Better to have no body, then, if this is what it brought.

Suspended in Time by Kaira Rouda

We believe that we ARE the people, just like you are the people, who must stand up, all of us, and do our part. Because this is what democracy looks like.

Hysterical by Kelli Stanley

“I saw something. Something out there.”

Sneak Preview of Tiger Daughter by S.J. Rozan

She was ready to take on anyone.

Dangerous Deductions by Maria Alexander

And then something bad happens.

Conversation with Jacqueline Winspear and Rhys Bowen – Rhys Bowen and Jacqueline Winspear

It showed them they were capable of so much more than they believed.

Raven and the Cave Girl: An AKA Jayne Story by Dana Cameron

“You came here to kill me,” she said.

Nasty by Toni L.P. Kelner

Nobody made me take on the role of official black sheep in the family, but sometimes I wonder if things might have been different if I’d had a different name.

Mother Church by Joshua Corin 💜

“The spirit of a thing never wavers.”

My Favourite Nasty Woman by Charlaine Harris

not afraid to speak her mind and take action … and be prepared for the consequences. These are character traits I find admirable.

Women on Fire by Jacqueline Winspear

If the outcome affects us, then we’ve got skin in the game.

The War Never Ends by Kate Thornton 💜

But nightmares you have at night are a lot different from the ones you have during the day.

The Lesson by Allison A. Davis

“The stuff they took, you can’t replace, you can’t fix.”

Harpy by Catriona McPherson

Maybe someone sent me. To play you out.”

What Would Grace Hopper Do? Making Art in Interesting Times by Robin C. Stuart

Creation is where we find our solace and our power.

Wild Womb by Sandi Ault 💜

“Never mind,” she said. “I’m a dead woman anyway.”

An Insurrection by Bette Golden Lamb

“We were never free. Never free to choose. Our destiny was to reproduce. That was The Directive.”

Daddy’s Girls by Libby Fischer Hellmann

She expected to be believed.

Interview with Senator Barbara Boxer by Kelli Stanley

In short, I believe there is only one reason to run for public office: to make life better for people.

Learning to Fly by Alison Gaylin

There are some moments in life that are like doors cracking open. You stand there, peering at the sliver of light on the other side, and you make a choice. You open the door wide and risk burning your eyes. Or you close it gently and live in the calm, cool dark.

The Cycle by Travis Richardson

This blue synthetic case was the most consistent thing in her world.

The Gift by Heather Graham

But the really important things they gave us were free – those were the gifts that really mattered.

Love. Acceptance. Empathy. Respect. A strong work ethic. Patriotism.

Content warnings include mention of abortion, alcoholism, body shaming, bullying, death by suicide, domestic violence, drug use, foster care, gun violence, homophobia, miscarriage, racism and sexual assault.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Nasty Woman Press for the opportunity to read this anthology.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Shattering Glass is the first in a series of remarkable anthologies published by Nasty Woman Press, a unique non-profit publisher founded to help fund other organisations threatened by the rise of autocracy and the ongoing war against civil and human rights in the United States. A scintillating mixture of top-flight fiction from bestselling authors in multiple genres, fascinating articles, and thought-provoking essays, conversations and interviews, Shattering Glass takes as its theme the empowerment of women, with all profits from the book donated to Planned Parenthood.

Nasty Woman Press is a 501(c)(4) non-profit publisher pledged to fight fascism, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, and bigotry while promoting human rights and civil rights in the United States and around the globe. 

As writers, readers, editors, artists, librarians, designers, publishing professionals and creative, principled human beings, we cherish the planet and our fragile environment, support science and education, and value health and social services. We believe in taking care of each other. We believe in a better, kinder world.

Contributors to Shattering Glass include legendary political figures and award-winning, critically acclaimed and bestselling authors. 

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