The Boy from Earth – Darrell Pitt

Illustrations – James Hart

Twelve year old Bobby Baxter lives a quiet life with his father and Roger, their pet snail. That is, his life used to be quiet (and predictable) until the morning the front door of their apartment was smashed in. Now Bobby is on his way to the planet Andarma.

This is not ideal for a boy with so many fears. You should believe Bobby when he says he is afraid of 689 things (so far) because he has made a list. Although it’s not spelled out in DSM-5 language, I’d also like to diagnose Bobby with agoraphobia.

So, what’s a scared Earthling going to do on Andarma? He’s been chosen to attend Galactic Space Academy, a twelve week intensive training program. At the end of this program students (those who survive, that is) gain entry to the Space League.

There Bobby meets the rest of the Gold team:

  • Conspiracy theorist Talia
  • Zim and Zam, who can finish each other’s sentences
  • Targ, who’s not a fan of Bobby, or hanging out with the rest of the team, or smiling
  • Gooba, who often quotes from The Book of Err, despite not understanding the meaning of most of its wise teachings.

‘Err says that life is like a planet within a melon inside a glass egg’

The thing is, no one from Earth has ever been invited to the Galactic Space Academy before. Earth aren’t even part of the Confederation. And it seems as though someone really doesn’t want a boy from Earth in attendance.

During their time at the Galactic Space Academy, Bobby and his team will learn the value of perseverance and teamwork. There’s danger, action, humour and the unexpected ahead.

‘Rule 1A: Expect the unexpected’

I definitely want to read more books by this author.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Text Publishing for the opportunity to read this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Twelve-year-old Bobby Baxter’s not the bravest kid on Earth. His list of things that scare him is up to number 689, and includes lightning, crowds, spiders, alien abductions, crocodiles, falling from great heights, falling from small heights and eggs. 

So when he learns that he’s the first Earthling ever chosen to attend the Galactic Space Academy, light years away from home, he’s terrified – and that’s before he discovers that someone at the academy wants the boy from Earth gone.

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