In Other News: Stories From The Stranger Times – C.K. McDonnell

I loved The Stranger Times and was gearing up for the sequel, This Charming Man, when I suddenly remembered I never read these short stories. They’re the perfect reminder of what I loved about the first book and I’m even more keen to read the sequel now.

A Dog’s Life

It’s not uncommon for a dog to eat something it probably shouldn’t have. What poor Rubble ate definitely wasn’t on the menu and it’s up to Marcia to extract it, one way or another. 

‘Dogs cannot do that. I paid attention in veterinary school – I really did. Believe me, if that was a thing, I’m sure I’d remember.’ 

Love and Death in the Time of Planned Engineering Works

Karen just wants to cross the bridge. Well, that’s not all she wants to do, but it’s one of the things. 

‘This is my bridge and you can’t cross it without my say so.’ 

The Blitz Spirits

Written at the beginning of the pandemic, this short story shows that even ghosts find the news depressing. Tommy and the other ghosts at the station have different skillsets, all of which are useful in the right circumstances. 

This was his life now, bobbing and weaving, doing all he could to avoid the living. 

The Rain

Rain (obviously), chips and footnotes. 

But there are some things that we do not talk about. Some things you let be because the other options are worse. 

I enjoyed all of the stories but my favourite was, without a doubt, A Dog’s Life.

One of the best clothing descriptions in recent memory: 

She was wearing an odd mix of black and pink. It was as if she’d been covered in glue, shoved in a cannon and fired through the wardrobes of a goth and a Disney princess. 

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

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