Pow Pow Pig #2: Let the Games Begin – Anh Do

Illustrations – Peter Cheong

You’ve gotta love a team that were tasked with saving the world not because of their unique blend of talents but because they were the only ones available. Z team hail from the year 2050 and their world is literally on fire. 

They’re on a mission to travel back in time to before the point of no return to “convince the rich animals to help the poor.” That would be a difficult task in and of itself but it’s all a little bit more complicated than that because there are a few kinks to iron out in their time machine. 

See, instead of taking them to 2030, it took them to the Middle Ages. While this was an awesome opportunity to meet new animals and have an adventure, it didn’t exactly help Z team save 2050. 

So, it’s time to crank up the time machine again. Surely they’ll touch down in 2030 this time. Yeah, maybe not.


After storing their time machine using a trick they learned from Marty McFly when he spent time with his folks in 1955, Pow Pow Pig, Kung Fu Duck, Cha Cha Chicken and Barry the Goat set off to find out when they are.

It turns out they’re in Ancient Greece so their time machine is only off by a couple of millennia. The time machine needs time to recharge before they can try again so they have time to explore (and I need to stop saying ‘time’). Good thing their clothing magically morphs to suit the fashion of the era they’re visiting.


While they’re in Ancient Greece, the Z team do some ghostbusting and are serenaded by the musical genius that is Placido Flamingo (remind you of anyone?). Other famous animals include Alexander the Goat and Usain Colt.

There was a bit of an ends justifying the means message that I wasn’t entirely on board with, especially when one of the animals benefited from another’s misfortune. The animals are really cute, though, and although it seems like it’s going to be a long time before our team finally make it to 2030, I’m along for the ride. 

I’m keen to find out when we’re going next. And I’m still loving the stickers that come with each book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Hi there! It’s Pow Pow Pig.

Me and the Z team are on a mission.

We’re trying to the save the world!

But somehow we’ve ended up in Ancient Greece instead…

It’s going take an Olympic effort to get out of this mess!

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