I Love a Book – Joe Rhatigan

Illustrations – Olga Ivanov & Aleksey Ivanov

What’s not to love about a book about loving books?! I Love a Book is adorable! This book could singlehandedly grow a new generation of bookworms, introducing them to the portable magic found between pages.

I would have loved reading this as a child and was delighted reading it as an adult. While other adults have coffee table books that make them seem more cultured than they probably are, my coffee table books consist of children’s books and I look forward to adding this one to them.

The words flow so well and the illustrations complement the poetry beautifully. The illustrations are extraordinary! Brightly coloured and detailed, they captured my imagination. Each time I look at a page I see something new. There are stories to be discovered in each of the illustrations. I both want to tell those stories and hear from children the adventures they see taking place on each page.

Thank you very much to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – MoonDance Press for the opportunity to read this book. I’d happily recommend this book for child and adult bookworms alike.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

This is a celebration of books, reading, and our imaginations, I Wish I Could Write a Book opens with a list of types of books and where to find them. The simple, lyrical prose then becomes more frantic as a young reader encounters pirates sailing the sea, a classroom of monsters “learning math with their paws,” and even an animal doctor making house calls in a helicopter.

With lavish illustrations nearly spilling off the page, the young reader finally makes a startling discovery about his own imagination and creativity. This book is for anyone who loves books and wants to instill this passion in the next generation.

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