Silver Hair – Lorraine Massey & Michele Bender

Besides the celebrities that are now dying their hair grey silver (why!) there are plenty of examples of those letting nature takes its course, and they look stunning. Exhibit A: Jamie Lee Curtis. With an Exhibit A that’s so gorgeous we don’t really need an Exhibit B.

If you’re sick of the hair dye merry-go-round, especially those with dark hair whose roots show almost as soon as you dry your newly coloured hair, Silver Hair is a useful book to help you take the plunge. While I understand that it’s only hair, it is a surprisingly scary thing to contemplate what you’ll look like if you step away from that little bottle of dye.

With plenty of photos of celebs and the woman next door either letting their silver shine or showing the multi-coloured transitional phases, this book shows that you can actually look good while your hair is mid grow out and gorgeous with silver.

Besides the beautiful photos there is also plenty of information. Silver Hair dispels myths, addresses common concerns, provides advice on managing the partly grown out look and mindset that goes with it, prepares you for the compliments (yes, you read that correctly), and there are plenty of stories of ordinary women who have ditched the dye.

You’ll also learn tips and tricks for managing and caring for silver hair, along with some recipes for homemade hair care products. Other than focusing specifically on your hair you’ll learn clothing, makeup and accessorising tips that will enhance your new look.

My Nitpick: Okay, so maybe that’s not the right term to be using for a book about hair. 🤨 Anyway, while I loved the different ages represented in the women in this book I was disappointed that in just over 200 pages there was only one man included.

So, what did I do? Between requesting to read this book and actually reading it I went from waist length coloured hair (sometimes chocolate brown, sometimes purple with a rainbow of extensions) to a buzz cut. My poor hairdresser, who was literally the girl next door growing up, was suitably traumatised but, after asking several hundred times if I was really sure, went for it and I love it.

I’ve got occipital neuralgia so mine was partly a medical decision but I can hand on heart tell you that it’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. Do I get some funny looks out in public? You bet. Do I care? Nope! That was a surprising but welcome side effect – while Samson’s strength was in his hair, apparently my tendency to people please was in mine.

Now if my hair is longer than my eyelashes I’m ready for it to get buzzed. I’ve saved time, money and plenty of care factor for the true priorities in my life, A.K.A books, and my only regret is that I didn’t take the plunge years ago.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Workman Publishing Company for the opportunity to read this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Whether you’re naturally graying, weaning yourself off the dye, or coveting the chic #grannyhair trend, your hair will shine with this empowering guide.

Here are step-by-step tips on letting nature take its course – or using lowlights, highlights, blending, and toning to transition with minimal drama (and avoid a skunk line). Tips on haircuts, tricks for the best care (conditioning is crucial). Products, including the DIY variety. Plus, the most flattering clothing and makeup to accentuate any shade of gray. With unique treatments and techniques from hair guru Lorraine Massey, Silver Hair is a call for celebrating and enhancing your natural radiance, with thrilling results.

Welcome to the inspiring guide for every woman who’s ready to find her true colors. Written by the authors of the national bestseller Curly Girl, here is everything you need to know, from going gray stylishly to living silver gorgeously, including Silver Lining Stories and before-and-after photos of real women. Going silver is not just about a certain look, or saving time and money at the stylist – it’s about fulfilling a deeper desire for authenticity, empowerment, and the freedom to be oneself at any age. So let’s get started.


  • The many perks of naturally silver hair
  • Style and beauty to play up the silver
  • Toners and color blending
  • Avoiding the skunk line
  • Hair care routines
  • DIY recipes, including Lavender and Verbena Herbal Hair Tonic
  • Face-framing silver streaks.

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