Pearl #3: Pearl the Proper Unicorn – Sally Odgers

Illustrations – Adele K. Thomas

This is the third in an extremely PINK! series about a magical unicorn whose magic doesn’t always work so well and her friends, Olive the ogre and Tweet the firebird. This book introduces a new character, Prince Percival the Positively Perfect Prancer, who is just as pretentious as his name suggests. Prior to Prince Percy’s snobbish arrival Pearl thought she was the only unicorn in the Kingdom.

Before long Percy has stomped all over Pearl’s self esteem by questioning her magic and pointing out all of the things she does that aren’t “proper” for a unicorn. Unfortunately these supposed improprieties are what makes Pearl special and it made my blood boil that Pearl was so willing to discard her uniqueness as soon as a boy unicorn told her she should.

Naturally, in the end Percy learns there’s more than one proper way to do magic, Pearl’s imperfect magic helps save the day and the nasty gobble-uns wander off to no doubt plan some stinky scheme for the next book so I guess all’s well that ends well but I hope Percy is off on a quest in a distant land during the next book because I still don’t like him. This would be a good book to teach kids that no one has the right to try to dull their shine.

Adele K. Thomas’ illustrations once again steal the show, with great expressions, a waving frog and so much cuteness.

While this is my least favourite book of the series so far I’m pretty certain I’ll wind up borrowing the fourth book, Pearl the Happy Unicorn, from my library when it arrives so prepare yourself for some more PINK!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Pearl, Olive and Tweet meet another unicorn! His name is Prince Percy and he is positively perfect in every way! But when mean, smelly gobble-uns take over the pond, can Prince Percy’s perfect magic help them? Or will Pearl’s magic be just what they need? 

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