Pearl #3: Pearl the Proper Unicorn – Sally Odgers

Illustrations – Adele K. Thomas

This is the third in an extremely PINK! series about a magical unicorn whose magic doesn’t always work so well and her friends, Olive the ogre and Tweet the firebird. This book introduces a new character, Prince Percival the Positively Perfect Prancer, who is just as pretentious as his name suggests. Prior to Prince Percy’s snobbish arrival Pearl thought she was the only unicorn in the Kingdom.

Before long Percy has stomped all over Pearl’s self esteem by questioning her magic and pointing out all of the things she does that aren’t “proper” for a unicorn. Unfortunately these supposed improprieties are what makes Pearl special and it made my blood boil that Pearl was so willing to discard her uniqueness as soon as a boy unicorn told her she should.

Naturally, in the end Percy learns there’s more than one proper way to do magic, Pearl’s imperfect magic helps save the day and the nasty gobble-uns wander off to no doubt plan some stinky scheme for the next book so I guess all’s well that ends well but I hope Percy is off on a quest in a distant land during the next book because I still don’t like him. This would be a good book to teach kids that no one has the right to try to dull their shine.

Adele K. Thomas’ illustrations once again steal the show, with great expressions, a waving frog and so much cuteness.

While this is my least favourite book of the series so far I’m pretty certain I’ll wind up borrowing the fourth book, Pearl the Happy Unicorn, from my library when it arrives so prepare yourself for some more PINK!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Pearl, Olive and Tweet meet another unicorn! His name is Prince Percy and he is positively perfect in every way! But when mean, smelly gobble-uns take over the pond, can Prince Percy’s perfect magic help them? Or will Pearl’s magic be just what they need? 

Pearl #2: Pearl the Flying Unicorn – Sally Odgers

Illustrations – Adele K. Thomas

I couldn’t help myself! After finding out that Pearl’s sequel involved her flying I had to read it. Pearl the magical unicorn (is there any other kind?) and her friends Olive the ogre and Tweet the firebird are on another adventure. This time they’re on the trail of some pink glitter feathers that blew away in a gust of wind when Pearl was trying on Olive’s new hat. Along the way they encounter some gobble-uns, the baddies from the first book.

I enjoyed this book more than the first in the series. I was a bit overwhelmed by the sweetness of the first book and found Pearl’s random outbursts annoying. This time around I was expecting the sweet story and Pearl’s “Bolting buckets!”, “Blundering bats” and “Purple parsnips!” felt more like a quirk of her character to be expected, not irritated by. I expect kids who read this series will find Pearl’s exclamations funny and will enjoy Pearl, Olive and Tweet’s friendship. It was a tad convenient that Pearl’s magic only works properly when it absolutely has to but I doubt kids will care about that.

Handy hint: If you ever meet Pearl, the magic you need to know is “Flickety-prance-flick!” Get her to do this for you and a pink cupcake will fall from the sky and land on your head, intact and the right way up.

The main thing I remembered from my review of Pearl the Magical Unicorn was that it was PINK! Not to be outdone, the sequel is also PINK! Once again, Adele K. Thomas’ illustrations were adorable and the detailed expressions enhanced the characters’ personalities. I loved the background animals, particularly the frog, whale and stingrays, but my favourite had to be the bug shaking its fist at Pearl and her friends.

Yes, I do already have the third book in the series on order from the library so you’ll be hearing all about PINK! Pearl the Proper Unicorn around February 2019. In the meantime, if you’re in need of cupcakes just remember, “Flickety-prance-flick!”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Pearl, Olive and Tweet are on the hunt for glitter feathers! But they’ve blown all the way over to Gull Island. They use Olive’s ogre-boat to reach the island, but rowing quickly behind them are three mean and stinky pirate gobble-uns! 

Can Pearl use her magic to save her friends in time?

Pearl #1: Pearl the Magical Unicorn – Sally Odgers

Pearl is a unicorn whose magic doesn’t exactly turn out how she plans. All she wants to do is share some apples with her best friends in the Kingdom, Tweet the firebird and Olive the ogre. However, each time she tosses her head or wiggles or prances something unexpected happens, like strawberry milkshake falling from the sky onto one of her friend’s heads.

Perhaps it would be better if Pearl didn’t try to use her magic after all. Then Pearl and her friends encounter three big gobble-uns who are planning something dastardly (and smelly).

This is a cute friendship story during which Pearl’s friends help her to believe in herself. Young readers who enjoy sugary sweet stories will enjoy hanging out with Pearl and her friends. I wasn’t a fan of Pearl’s random exclamations which included “Purple potatoes!”, “Cold crumpets!”, “Sizzling salad!”, and “Toddling toads!” but I’m not exactly the target audience; they may find these funny.

This book is extremely PINK! Pink things fall out of the sky, the illustrations are greyscale with lots of pink and plenty of words are pink too. I really liked the illustrations, particularly those showing Pearl suspicious, confused and cranky. I actually found the illustrations funnier than the story and they’re most of the reason why I will be ordering the second book of the series from the library. Also the second book is called The Flying Unicorn; flying combined with dodgy magic is something I want to see.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Meet Pearl. She is a magical unicorn. But Pearl doesn’t quite know how to use her magic. With the help of her friends, Tweet and Olive, can Pearl believe in her magical self? And what happens when Pearl and her friends stumble upon three naughty, stinky gobble-uns!?