That’s Where I Find You – Norliah Syer

Illustrations – Matt Howorth

Matt Howorth’s Illustrations are everything in this book. They really made me feel the young girl’s grief, her determination to find a way to connect with her mother and the love they shared in the girl’s memories.

Grief is such a difficult thing for anyone to cope with, let alone a child who may not even really understand what death means, so books like this are so important. I love the sentiment that when you’re missing a loved one and they feel far away you can look inside your heart and feel closer to them by remembering the good times you shared.

While I loved the message I found some of the rhymes quite clunky. Some rhymes worked well but others didn’t work at all for me, for example, rhyming “be” with “countries”, “clouds” with “down”, and “glide” with “by”. Because of its tendency to sometimes rhyme and sometimes not I imagine it would sound awkward if I read this aloud.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

That’s Where I Find You is a heartfelt story about remembering a loved one. A beautiful reminder that no matter how much we might miss them, they’ll always be with us … in our hearts.

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