Monstress Volume 3: Haven – Marjorie Liu

Illustrations – Sana Takeda

Spoilers Ahead!

Monstress Volume 3: Haven is a 2019 Hugo Awards finalist in the Best Graphic Story category.

Maika, Kippa and Ren have now made it to Tear Shed, a refugee camp.

Corvin is also there and he, Maika and Kippa have some awkward moments in a coffee shop.

Maika also meets Vihn Nem, the Royal Engineer of Pontus, who offers Maika and her friends sanctuary in exchange for her reactivating the Pontus Shield.

Lady Atena and Resak meet up with the Prime Minister and Admiral Brito to discuss politics, fake news and the potential threat of the Mother Superior.

While Maika and Zinn are working together to try to fix the Shield,

all hell is breaking out as the war has begun.

Kippa’s cute factor, which I didn’t think could cope with any additional adorability points, skyrocketed. I love her to bits and want to adopt her. Her loyalty, positivity and courage put most adults to shame.

I wasn’t quite as invested in the story during the first half of this Volume, as everyone seemed to be positioning themselves for the inevitable war, but I got sucked back in, only to find myself perched on the edge of a cliff at the end. If anything bad happens to Kippa I’m going to ugly cry, I just know it!

Once again the artwork was exceptional. I’m in awe of the details and just want to keep paging through each Volume. One of my favourite images in this Volume is this one,

but my absolute favourite is this awesomeness.

Yes, of course the location of my favourite illustration is a library! I can’t help myself where majestic libraries are concerned.

I expect a reread will help me to figure out the connections I’ve missed during this read.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Maika Halfwolf has begun to unlock the mysteries of her past – but the challenges are only going. In this third volume of Monstress, collecting issues 13-18, Maika’s journey takes her to the neutral city of Pontus, where she hopes to find temporary refuge from her pursuers. Unfortunately, Pontus may not be as safe as Maika and her allies had hoped.

As the impending war between humans and Arcanics creeps ever closer, and powerful players fight for the chance to control her future, Maika finds she must work with Zinn, the Monstrum that lives inside her, in order to ensure their mutual survival. But even that alliance might not be enough to prepare Maika for the horrors to come.

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