Skydragon #2: Fly Free – Anh Do

Illustrations – James Hart

Picking up where the first book ended (you need to read this series in order), Fly Free continues to follow Amber (Skydragon) and her brother, Reggie, who is Firefighter. Reggie still has amnesia so he doesn’t know the National Service want him to apprehend his sister and Amber suspects Firefighter is Reggie but doesn’t know for sure.

The stakes are raised for Amber in this book and Reggie begins to question whether the National Service are the good guys or the baddies. Readers already know they’re not trustworthy.

It turns out that Firefighter isn’t the only person with powers that the National Service have recruited; we’re introduced to Senseless (Stefan, Anna and Nic). I’m hoping at some stage all of the people with powers will band together against the National Service, who are probably even more nefarious than I currently suspect they are.

I wasn’t especially comfortable with Amber ordering insects to do her bidding in the first novel. Fortunately in this book, Amber realises that the insects are her allies, not her servants. So many haven’t survived the first two books, though. Given how much Amber loves insects I would have thought this would be devastating for her but so far it appears I’m more upset about their demise than she is. Granted, she’s busy trying to stay alive herself, but still…

There’s mention of E-Boy in this book. I haven’t read any of the E-Boy series yet so I’m not sure if Agent Ferris and the rest of the National Service goons feature in those but it appears we’re building towards a crossover.

There remains plenty of action in this book. Thankfully Justin, Amber’s friend from the first book, has a part to play in the second book. I’m not sure how long they’re going to be able to communicate by phone as I’m pretty sure the cabin Amber stays at is off the grid. Right now, though, that’s the least of Amber’s worries. She’s got a cliffhanger to contend with and things aren’t exactly going in her favour.

To be continued in Ride the Wind

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

Amber is back! The second book in the high-flying adventure series from Anh Do.

Amber held her arms out. Surround me. Locusts, beetles, bees and all manner of flying insects nestled together tightly. Shapes formed. Horns on her head, claws on her hands and feet. A thick, long tail. She was a dragon!

Amber is on the run. What will happen when she and the Firefighter finally come face to face?

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