Window – Marion Arbona

As a girl walks home from school she wonders what’s taking place behind the windows she passes. Using details she can see as clues, she imagines scenes that include vampires, a deep sea diver, a jungle and a collection of masks.

This wordless picture book encourages the ‘reader’ to use their own imaginations to tell the story of what’s happening in each room. While there’s an overall theme to each room there are other stories taking place if you look closely, like a frog roasting a marshmallow.


I’ve also found Alice in Wonderland references in two illustrations (so far). I will definitely look again to see if I missed any the first time around.


I love the idea of children telling their parents the story of what’s happening behind each window.

Although adult me can appreciate black and white illustrations, kid me would have wanted the entire rainbow. I’m not sure if it’s my eyes or the illustrations, but I had trouble identifying some of the smaller elements in a few pictures.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for the opportunity to read this book.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Blurb

In this wordless picture book, extraordinary things are happening behind the windows of the city.

A young girl is walking home from school in a big city. As she gazes up at window after window in the buildings on her route – each one a different shape and size – she imagines what might be going on behind them. By opening the gatefold, readers will get to see inside her imagination. An indoor jungle. A whale in a bathtub. Vampires playing badminton.

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